Lowes Build and Grow

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Lowes Build and Grow is one of our favorite outings.  This week Rob was able to go with us for the first time so I brought my camera along to capture photos of the children building.

Before, I worried about taking the children by myself to Lowes Build and Grow with four building children to help and a baby to entertain.  Now, I never hesitate.  The kids do a great job building and are patient if they have to wait between steps.  I rarely have to help all four children build since we often see friends who are willing to help an extra child.  This week a brave Lowes employee helped Miriam and Rebekah build their trucks despite getting his finger smashed by their hammers at least twice.

We’ve been disappointed to miss a few of the builds this spring due to softball and soccer games.  This summer Lowes is offering Build and Grow on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons, making it so much easier to fit them into a busy summer schedule.


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