Michael is 6!

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While the kids were getting ready for bed last night I could hear Michael telling each sister.  “Tomorrow I’m going to be bigger! Just wait until you see me in the morning!”  I love the years when the kids really believe that they grow overnight on each birthday.

“My birthday is going to be the best day ever!” Michael said as I tucked him into bed last night.  Then he leaned out of his bunk to point at the poster of Panther’s Stadium that hangs on his wall, “Is that it Mom?  That’s where I’m going tomorrow to watch football?”

Sometimes being the only boy is hard, however it definitely has its perks as well!  Rob and Michael are spending the afternoon at a Panther’s game today.  Michael is so excited that he’s having a boys only afternoon for his birthday.

Since they don’t leave for the game until lunch time, I’m about to surprise Michael with a trip to Dunkin Donuts for his birthday breakfast.  Later this evening we will have his requested dinner of Papa Johns pizza and the Ninjago cake he and I made yesterday afternoon.

DIY Ninjago Cake

Michael is a glass half full kind of boy.  He is light-hearted, happy, and fun.  It is important to him that everyone around him is also happy and he will go to extreme lengths to keep his sisters happy-even if it means playing dolls with Peyton or being cast in one of Miriam’s endless plays.  Every little thing I do for Michael he notices and appreciates.  He thanks me for simple things like taking him to the grocery store, feeding him dinner, or “letting” him help me clean.  Thankfully, he still loves a good hug and cuddle- I pray I get to keep that for several more years!Eating Icing


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