Playing Catch Up

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Big Sis and Jonathan

I am definitely in the “playing catch up” stage right now.  I’m behind everywhere- laundry, cleaning, schooling, photo editing, crafting, blogging, thank you note writing, grocery shopping…

Everywhere I look there is something that needs attention.

Thankfully after doing this so many times, it doesn’t stress me out like it used too.  The newborn stage flies by, and I am determined to enjoy it!  How can it already have been 5 weeks?

Look at that hair!

Besides, there are only so many hours in the day, I have to prioritize and do the best I can.  Right now that pretty much involves keeping everyone alive and fed.  Anything else is just extra.

3 weeks old

Today when the baby fell asleep, Rebekah asked to hold him for his nap.  I should have worked on getting Christmas decorations put away, mopping the kitchen floor, or the million other messes that need attention but I came straight to the computer to upload Christmas photos instead.


Rebekah can’t sit still when she holds the baby. Like her mother, she needs to stroke his cheek, play with his hair or hold his hand, which means his naps on her are short.  Soon I heard him fussing, and as I came to rescue him I found her bouncing him and saying, “Mommy, I got it.  He isn’t fussing!”  {Unfortunately he was fussing and she had to give him up.}

Napping on big sisLife is short…just cuddle the baby!


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