A Pox on You Daylight Savings Time

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Seriously, why do we have to switch the clocks twice a year?  Is it a plot to make Mothers of small children more sleep deprived than usual?  Trying to make us go crazy, give in and leave the television on mindless cartoons all day, serve ice cream for dinner, start drinking wine at lunch time?

In theory time change should not be difficult for our family.  We are homeschoolers who do not set an alarm clock.  Our day has a rhythm and routine, but we don’t follow a clock for our schedule.  I thought we might gain some extra quiet morning time when Emily slept until 10:30 am the first two days after the change…WRONG!

Time change and my toddler monster are not getting along at all.  This kid usually sleeps until between 8:30 and 9:30 every morning.  Suddenly she is waking up at 7am (and waking the rest of the house with her fussing)- ya’ll my body thinks that’s 6am!  I am not doing well suddenly losing 2 hours of sleep AND having a sleep deprived toddler monster on my hands.  Then at night-time she seems to revert to the old-time and cannot wind down.  No matter what I do she’s not falling asleep until between 10 and 11pm.  And nap?  Today I laid down with her for an hour and a half and not once did she close her eyes.  When she started climbing on me and “galloping” on my belly I gave up.

I’m exhausted, she’s {more} cranky.  Pass the coffee and maybe the wine!

Tired Emily


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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! In fact, I could have written that post myself:) I was never anticipating this time change being so difficult.

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