Rudolph Paper Bag Puppet Craft

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When it comes to Christmas fun, you can’t go wrong with Rudolph the Reindeer crafts! Make this adorable Rudolph Paper Bag Puppet craft with your kids this Christmas season.

Making this Paper Bag Reindeer Puppet is so simple! Simply print out the template, cut the pieces out of construction paper and glue them on to a paper bag to create your Rudolph puppet.

If you’d like to make Dasher, Dancer, Comet, Cupid, Donner, or Blitzen puppets too, simply switch the red nose out for a black or brown nose.

If you’d like to make this reindeer puppet craft with younger children simply precut all the pieces and have them do the glueing.

Kids will love to pretend to be Rudolph with their Rudolph paper bag puppet!

How to make a Rudolph Paper Bag Puppet


  • Colored craft papers – we used 3 shades of brown, pink and red.
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Template


Print out the reindeer template and cut out all the pattern pieces.

Select dark brown, red, pink and 2 different shades of light brown colored craft papers.

Trace the head, body, legs and ear pieces on a light brown colored paper.

Trace the belly and face pieces on a different shade of light brown colored paper.

Trace the horns and the hoof pieces on the dark brown paper.

Trace the inner ear pieces and the blush patterns on the pink paper.

Trace the nose on the red paper (or black if you are making a different reindeer).

You can use the eyes directly from the template, unless you’d rather draw your own.

Glue the reindeer’s belly on the bottom edge of the reindeer body piece.

Glue the pink inner ear pieces on the brown outer ear pieces.

Glue the light brown face piece on the bottom of the head piece.

Glue the hooves on the bottom of the reindeer’s legs.

Glue the horns on the top of the head piece.

Glue the ears on either side of the horns.

Glue the pink blush pieces onto both cheeks and then glue the nose in the middle of the reindeer’s face. 

Glue the eyes on the reindeer’s face, then use a marker or pen to draw a mother onto your reindeer.

Grab your brown paper bag and glue the legs onto the bottom portion of the paper bag.

Glue the reindeer’s body on top of the legs.

Flatten the bottom of the paper bag and glue the head of the reindeer onto the bottom as shown below.

So cute isn’t he??

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