Sibling Saturday– It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it

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Todays Sibling Saturday post is just a quick tip:

Teach children to speak in respectful and loving tones of voice no matter what the situation.

I know that my children get cranky and next thing I know one is using a snippy tone of voice to another.  In our home, this is absolutely not allowed.  Usually, all I need to do is to stop the conversation and tell the offending child to try again with a kind tone of voice.  Just because they are bothered they don’t have the right to speak unkindly.

A sibling is much more likely to cease an annoying behavior when asked kindly to stop; whereas when one child says, “STOP THAT!” to another, that sibling tends to engage in argument, or purposeful annoyance just because of the mean voice used to make the request.   A calm voice can stop a bad situation before it even starts!

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