Softball Opening Day

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Beks as Catcher

Rebekah’s team, the BatGirls, started our first game day of the season with a bang– winning 13 to 1!  It is going to be a great season for Rebekah; she has wonderful coaches and teammates and she loves the game.

Heading Home

 Miriam moved up to a new division this season.  She now plays kid pitch and runners can steal bases.  It is a whole new world.  Hopefully as the girls practice this season the action during games will pick up.  There were very few hits with a ton of walks and base stealing.  Miriam had fun anyway, but it was a far cry from the action packed 7-8 year old league.  She’s excited to play as the Thunder Girls for the third season in a row.  Her team lost their first game 10 to 6.


Michael is asking when I will take his picture hitting.  His first T-ball game will be this Wednesday and he can’t wait.

   2013-04-06_0005I know this post is incredibly short and choppy, but I’ve given up on finding a quiet moment to post.  Emily is currently climbing all over me, alternately pulling on my arms, trying to touch the keyboard, and calling out to Bekah’s picture, “Go Kekah, GO!”



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