Flexible & Fun Summer Schedule for Kids

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This flexible and fun summer schedule for kids is the perfect solution to loosely organize fun summer activity ideas in a way that still gives kids choice and control over their summer activities.

If you are a mom who would like to give her kids a slow, lazy summer rather than scheduling endless activities and camps, this fun summer schedule will help give each day stress-free direction and purpose.

If you’d like a little structure to your days this summer, while still allowing for freedom, creativity and fun, this Super Summer Schedule is going to be perfect for your family.

Your kids can use this schedule to help them have a mix between a routine and independent during those long, slow summer days.

How to use this flexible and fun summer schedule for kids

This super summer schedule gives a theme to each day of the week- Make it Monday, Take a Trip Tuesday, Wildcard Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday, Foodie Friday, Selfless Saturday, Spontaneous Sunday.

In the print out the super summer schedule packet you’ll find a list of ideas for each theme day to get you started. You don’t have to stick to the provided ideas, they are just a jumping point to get your family talking about what things they’d like to do this summer.

You’ll want to print out the weekly schedule and place it somewhere prominent in your home, like on your refridgerator.

You can choose to print the schedule out for every week of the summer and really schedule out your days. Filling each day in by time of the day and adding activities that fit the day’s theme.

Or you can print out one schedule for the whole summer. Talk with your family about all the fun ideas for each themed day. Write down all the favorite choices under that day on the schedule. Then each day of the week, choose one activity to complete for the themed day.

I prefer to provide flexible structure to our summer days, so my family will be using the second method of scheduling. Picking one (or maybe two) activities for each theme day to enjoy. The rest of the day will be more independent, free choice and lazy summer day activities.

With your family decide which themed activities to complete each day. (You’ll find even more ideas on the free printable below)

Make it Monday-

Make it Monday is a day for arts and crafts. You can simply head outside with chalk, or set out lots of paper and paints. Or get a little more creative and make tie dye t-shirts. Maybe have a day outside for messy art like bubble painting and water gun painting.

Take a Trip Tuesday

Take a trip Tuesday is a day for adventure. You can keep it simple, just going to a nearby park or going to get ice cream. Or schedule a trip to a museum, or the zoo. This is also a great day for virtual field trips!

Wildcard Wednesday

On wildcard Wednesday anything goes! Try something new with your family, make a time capsule, put on a play.

Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday is a day to think of others first. Bake muffins for your neighbors, weed your grandma’s garden, help your siblings with their chores, send a card to the fire department.

Foodie Friday

Foodie Friday is all about the yummy things. Bake something together, decorate cookies, pop popcorn and have a movie afternoon, make popsicles.

Selfless Saturday

Selfless Saturday is a great day for the whole family to do random acts of kindness together. Volunteer together, go visit elderly neighbors, pick up trash on the neighborhood sidewalks.

Spontaneous Sunday

Spontaneous Sunday is the day for extra family fun. Play a game, watch a movie, make homemade pizzas, go swimming.

Have a wonderful, fun, themed summer with this super summer schedule. You can make your schedule as detailed as you like- scheduling your days completely, or just using the schedule as a loose way to give your family ideas of what might be fun to do each day.

Happy summer!!

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