6 Ways to Limit your Kid’s Screen Time this Summer

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Screens can be a great way to communicate with people who are far away, and even help our children learn new skills and keep them entertained. During the summer months, it can be easy to let our kids do their own thing and get lost behind a screen. No matter what their reason for spending too much time on a screen is, here are a few ways to limit your kid’s screen time this summer.

Set firm limits on screen time

Limits to screens can be specific days or times or any other number of limitations on when they can use the screens. If you want to set limits on your screens, make sure that they are firm. This should apply for vacations when friends are over, or any number of other situations you may encounter.


Offer alternatives to screen time activities

Our kids get bored and when they get bored, they likely will turn to a screen to keep them entertained. If you want your kids to spend less time watching TV or playing videogames, consider offering them alternatives to their usual screen time activities. This could be in the form of a jar with ideas or just tell them to go do something else for a while.


Make screens less accessible for them

If you cancel your cable, get rid of Netflix, or even add a password to the computer, you’ll find that these barriers will make it harder for your kids to watch TV. Make the screens less accessible for them and don’t put one in every room of the house.


Set a good example for your kids

If you want your kids to use fewer screens, you may have to ditch a few of yours to set a good example. Children will learn by example, so if you’re not setting a good example for them, they won’t want to do it either. Set screen-free times in your household when EVERYONE has to put their screens away. This will also teach them to value the time they do get with their screens.


Make screens only usable in one area of the home

If you have tablets and phones that your kids can play or use, make them only available in one room of the house. This will severely limit the amount of time they use the screens and help you better manage screen time. This can be a part of the limits you set for your kids, or just a rule of the house.


Make your kids earn their screen time

Screens don’t have to come for free in your house. One of the main downfalls to screens is that they often mean that our kids won’t do other household chores or other activities because of it. Take control and make your kids earn their screens through chores and other household jobs.


If you have to have a screen-free summer or even just a summer of fewer screens, it’s totally possible! These tips will help you prepare for the summer and keep your kids away from their screens.


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