Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for Kids

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This super cute Thanksgiving turkey craft is great for kids of all ages! Simply print out the free pattern template below and follow the easy directions to create this fun and easy Thanksgiving turkey craft.

This thanksgiving turkey craft is great for Thanksgiving decor. Have your kids make a turkey to place at each Thanksgiving Day guest’s seat at the table. You could even use these adorable turkey’s as Thanksgiving Day place cards, showing each guest their seat at the table by writing their name on the Turkey at their place setting.

How to make a Thanksgiving Turkey Craft


  1. Cardstock paper (in brown shades)
  2. Colorful craft papers
  3. Pencil
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue
  6. Googly Eyes
  7. Template


Print the turkey craft template and cut out all of the pieces.

Trace the pattern pieces on the papers you chose, then cut all of the turkey pieces out.

First, glue the beak and wattle on the face (the circle piece). 

Then glue two googly eyes onto the turkey’s face.

Take the pie shaped piece and apply glue in a line on one end as shown below. 

Roll the pie shaped piece into a cone. 

Apply glue on the corners of the wings and glue them on both sides of the cone. 

Glue the head on top of the cone.

Take the pieces for the tail, glue the ends together at the bottom, spreading the feathers like a fan.

Glue the tail on the back of the turkey. 

That’s it! Your Thanksgiving turkey craft is complete!

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