The End of Summer

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Well, not really. But we did start our new school year this week!

First week of school

Truthfully, I’m so ready to say goodbye to this summer.  We’ve had one virus and sickness after the other on top of a very wet and rainy summer.  It seemed we were either down with sickness or stuck inside due to rain almost every day!  How I really know it was bad– I went over 3 weeks without taking a single photo!

Most of our limited outdoor played looked like this:

 Rainy Days

And, we did have a great night watching 4th of July fireworks with friends.


I am so glad that we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of constant sickness, and if the weather channel isn’t wrong also the end of constant rain.  Of course, starting school during good weather is definitely against my homeschooling rules…but I’m good with pausing school for pretty weather if we actually get any!


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