Whole-person Healthcare for Aging Loved Ones

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Many of you know that after I became a single mom, my grandmother invited my children and I to move in with her. She’d lived alone in her big old farmhouse since my grandfather died many years ago. She could no longer frequently mount the stairs to the second floor, so she offered the unused floor as a haven for my family.

In the midst of an awful season in my life, she and the farm that had been my favorite place in the world for my entire life, became our safe space.

This is the 5th summer my children and I have spent living with my Grandmother. In the years since we moved in, we’ve found a rhythm. Not only does Grandma put a roof over our heads, but she lavishes us all with her love. She spends hours playing games and reading aloud with my children. The wisdom she’s gained in 90+ years of living, she gladly imparts to all of us.

As she ages, I’ve been able to help her with shopping, my oldest drives her to doctors’ appointments, and I help her with decisions she has to make- whether it’s concerning caring for this 150+ year old home or making medical decisions. She often says that she has the best end of this deal, but I have to disagree with that! What a blessing it is to have her in our lives.

Grandma’s health is important to all of us. Educating myself on her options is one way I can help her make medical decisions.

I’ve learned that Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Virginia offers Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement products. Whole-person health is a priority for Grandma, especially as she ages.We were pleased to learn that Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is committed to improving its consumers’ health and well-being through whole-person healthcare by offering high-quality, affordable healthcare services. Some of these Medicare Advantage health plans even offer wellness services such as healthy food delivery, health-related transportation services, personal home helpers to help with daily activities, and adult day center visits to combat loneliness. They can even offer access to alternative medicine and acupuncture!

One important way to help people live healthier is to make it easier for individuals to access the products and services that address everyday health needs. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield understands this concept. Offering consumers many options of services, such as assistive devices and delivered meals, may make a big difference in their ability to manage chronic conditions, to avoid preventable health-related incidents and even to engage more with their community.

Learn more about what Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement products Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers for your loved ones. 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

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