Easter Egg Hunting

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Easter Egg Hunting at our annual family reunion:Easter Egg Hunting

It’s been awhile since I stood back from the fun to snap photos with my ‘big girl camera’. Sometimes I forget how much I love taking pictures! Easter Egg Hunting

Miriam decided to hide eggs this year rather than hunt them. Not sure I’m ready for that!Easter Egg Hunting

Jonathan wanted to stop to find the goodies (and eat the chocolate) after finding each egg.Easter Egg Hunting

I love watching older cousins help the younger ones during the egg hunting. Easter Egg Hunting

Easter Egg HuntingEaster Egg Hunting Easter Egg Hunting

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  1. Great photos! This was the first year we did not do egg hunting. Kids are 10, 12, and 15. We opted to travel instead and they got their chocolate bunnies and stuff in the car on the way there. Less hectic and I kind like the change of pace.

  2. I love it … They are all so cute. I missed the Easter Egg hunt this year because of work. Your pictures are great its so nice to have a great camera to catch all those memories.

  3. What beautiful kids! My daughter is the oldest cousin and I can see her one day hiding them, instead of seeking them. They grow up fast.
    I love Easter Egg Hunts so much.

  4. Your pictures are great! I love Jonathan’s shoes, and I totally respect that he stopped after each egg to sample the chocolate – smart boy! 😉 How fun to have a family reunion at easter time. The cousin memories are going to be cherished for years to come!

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