Toddler Emily

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So TinyToddler parenthood is an exhausting rollercoaster with cranky, tantruming downs mixed with cuddly, happy ups.  Just when I’ve hit my tolerance threshold with the fussy Emily the happy Emily returns and I fall in love with her all over again.  I don’t want to forget all the unique toddler mannerisms that I love so much or the incredible way she seems so big in one moment and so tiny the next.Lashes

She often calls me “My Mommy” or “My Mama”

When she sees something she asked for she yells, “Dere it is!”  Especially when she asks to “nur” (nurse).

She still hates her car seat and yells for help while we are driving.  “Aunt out!” “Mmm Stuck!” “Elp pease!”

She pats her leg and says, “come on!” (both to people and the dog!) and if that doesn’t work she still grabs my finger and pulls until I relent.

Recently she slipped on the stairs, so now she stands at the top with her arms upturned yelling, “Elp pease!”Curious

When she wants to be held she pulls on my clothes and says “Un, hold you.” or “Aunt Up!”

She calls for each of her siblings by name and loves to point them out in photos.  She says, “Mir-um”, “Bekah”, “Bubba” or “Mi-kul” and “Pey-Pey” She drags one toward the playroom saying “Un pay!” (want to play) or towards the den saying “Un swee V.” (TV)

She just started saying, “Luv ew!” and she is our first toddler to give perfect non sloppy kisses.Beautiful lips

She has a grandfather called Mac-Mac.  Since she can easily say “Mac-Mac” she calls all 4 grandparents by Mac-Mac even though she definitely knows them apart.  If you ask her to say grandma or gramps she happily replies, “Mac-Mac!”

When the skype sound comes from the computer she goes running towards it yelling, “Mac-Mac!”  When she hears the chirp of our home alarm she calls, “Daddy!” knowing he must be home.

She loves to sing.  I often recognize songs that she is singing- Happy Birthday, Doc McStuffins, and You, You, You are the songs I heard today.

The following photo is the face she makes when she is telling me to “TOP!!!” (stop)"TOP!"

This one is her pout.The Pout

Funny how she can go from jubilant to angry {or vice versa} in 1.2 seconds!Happy

She loves to watch the birds in our yard. –No I don’t usually allow her to stand in chairs, but I had to take a photo before I took her down and brought on a fit.Bird watching


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