DIY Turkey Napkin Holder for Thanksgiving

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Kids will love creating this fun Turkey Napkin Holder Craft for Thanksgiving!

This adorable turkey napkin holder is a fun and easy craft for your kids this Thanksgiving. Kids will enjoy using their craft to decorate the Thanksgiving table.

If you’d like to have namecards at your Thanksgiving dinner, you could write each guests name on the front of the turkey to mark each place setting.

How to make a Thanksgiving Turkey Napkin Holder


  • Colored cardstock papers
  • Toilet paper roll or a piece of cardboard or sturdy cardstock paper
  • Craft glue
  • Black marker
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Template


Print out the turkey napkin holder template and cut out all of the pattern pieces.

Choose the colored cardstock papers you’d like to use for the turkey napkin holder.

Trace the body and head pieces on brown paper and the wings on a different shade of brown paper. Trace the feet and beak pieces on orange paper and trace the wattle on red paper. Then trace the tail and feathers on any color cardstock you’d like to use.

Take the head cutout and glue the wattle and beak pieces near the bottom of the turkey’s head. 

Take the tail base piece and glue the individual tail feather pieces onto the base, with the feather’s pointy ends facing towards the outside of the turkey’s tail.  

Continue glueing the feathers onto the tail until you’ve filled it up completely.

Glue the feet on the bottom of the turkey’s body.

Glue the head onto the turkey’s body.

Then, glue the tail on the back of the turkey as shown below.

Attach the eye’s on the head piece, just above the beak and wattle.

Prepare a cardstock ring for the napkin. You can cut a slice from a toilet paper roll, or make a ring from cardboard paper or cardstock paper. 

Attach the cardboard ring on the back of the turkey to complete the turkey napkin ring. 

Now, add a napkin and you are done!

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