Toilet Paper Roll Vampire Craft

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Make this fun and easy toilet paper roll vampire craft for halloween.

toilet paper roll vampire craft

Looking for a vampire craft that’s cuter than it is scary? This vampire is for you!

toliet paper roll halloween craft vampire

How to make a Toilet Paper Roll Vampire Craft for Halloween


  • Craft papers
  • Toilet paper Roll
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers or gel pens
  • Template


Step 1:

Download the Vampire template.

You can choose a black and white Vampire template, so you can trace and cut out your craft paper pieces.

Or, if you would like a more simple craft. print out the full color Vampire template, cut out the pieces and follow the rest of the directions below.

If using the black and white template, cut the pattern pieces out of the template. Then, trace the pattern pieces onto your colored craft papers. Cut the traced pieces out.

Glue the vampire’s hair on top of the head.

Then, glue the vampire’s eyes on the face.

Draw the mouth using a marker or gel pen. 

Then, glue the fangs onto the mouth. 

Glue the collar pieces onto the black craft paper. 

And, glue the cuffs to the bottom of the sleeves. 

Glue the bow tie on top of the collars. 

Glue the hands to the cuffs.

Glue the vampire’s clothes around the toilet paper roll. 

Glue the vampire’s head on top of the tissue paper roll.

Then glue the vampire’s hands to the sides of the tissue paper roll.

vampire craft for halloween

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