Dessert Board

So Much Fun!

If you love all things Charcuterie Boards as we do, you’ve got to jump on the trend of dessert charcuterie! 

Make this adorable  Christmas Dessert Board this year. Kids and adults will love devouring this Buttercream Board!

Step 1

Gather all the ingredients and supplies needed for your Grinch Dessert Board

Step 2

Put icing in piping bags and create the face of the Grinch on your board. Add a candy nose. Add face details with colored icing.

Step 3

Use strawberries and mini marshmallows to create the Grinch's hat. Fill the rest of the tray with fun dippers.

Grinch Dessert Charcuterie

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a Christmas buttercream dessert board with delicious dippers?