Wednesday Wrap Up – iPhone style.

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It feels like the week is over, since our ‘weekend’ starts today. Between shift-work and homeschooling, it often feels like that. Our ‘weekends’ very rarely actually consist of Saturday and Sunday!


If you follow along on Instagram you know we added to kittens to our growing menagerie. Meet Smokey and Jenny! Smokey and JennyJon’s new favorite pastime is scoop and run. Thankfully the kittens are so very tolerant and he has surprisingly few scratches/ These two will be barn kitties… eventually/ But for now, we can’t resist cuddling them inside during school time.

Chore Time Fun

Chore timeThe kids actually fight over who gets to come along with me to the laundry mat each week/ Don’t ask me about inside chores. The weather is just too beautiful- by the time we finish school we just have to get outside/ We miss judged a snake this week, and accidentally killed a good one- whoops. Still learning this county living thing/ Jon loves watching Miriam mow the side yard.

Putting Clover to bedPutting Clover to bed is still one of our favorite chores.

Fun in the SunPlay time

The weather turned the corner to beautiful this week/ Jon prefers playing in the spigot puddle to splashing at the water table.

Spring FirstsFirsts of the season

First watermelon and first bonfire. Life is good!

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