10 Simple Explanations for When You Forget to Move Your Elf on the Shelf

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We love having an Elf on the Shelf at our house, but keeping up with him throughout the entire holiday season can be a bit stressful.

No matter how hard you try, remembering to move that little elf every single night is hard! And its inevitable that you’re going to forget to move your family’s elf to a new location at some point during the Christmas season.

Luckily, you have me here to help! Here are 10 simple explanations to give your kids when you forget to move your Elf on the Shelf.

10 Explanations for When You Forget to Move Your Elf on the Shelf

Your elf stayed up past his bedtime. He could have stayed up late watching his favorite Christmas movie and fell asleep before he could leave for the North Pole.

Your elf is sick. She didn’t feel well last night and couldn’t fly to the North Pole. You could even check her temperature for good measure.

Blame it on your kid. Tell them that your elf had to stay put because he heard your kids getting out of bed the night before and was afraid someone might see him flying. 

He wanted to keep you off the naughty list. Remind her of the tantrum she threw the day before and tell her that the elf decided not to report to Santa last night to give her a second chance to be good.

She really likes this spot. If the spot your elf landed in has a good vantage point of your kids throughout the day, why move? 

He’s stuck. I’m sure your family’s elf gets into some sticky situations at times, so just tell the kids he got stuck. Then, help “unstick” him by prying him from the spot with a spoon or tongs so he can fly to the North Pole that night.

You forgot to leave the door unlocked. Tell your kids the elf couldn’t get out of the house last night because you forgot to unlock the door for him. This excuse is perfect for homes that don’t have a fireplace!

He’s saving up his magic. Let your kids know that he’s probably planning something special for tomorrow and doesn’t want to waste his magic on a quick trip to the North Pole. But remember, that means you’re definitely on the hook for something cool the next morning!

There was a blizzard. Take advantage of the snowy weather outside and blame a snow storm.

He forgot to set his alarm. Elves can oversleep, too! Tell your kids the elf must have missed his alarm and didn’t want to get caught moving to a new spot in the morning.

No need to stress when you inevitably forget to move the Elf on the Shelf, simply tell your children of these 10 simple explanations for why the Elf on the Shelf didn’t move last night.

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