Adorable DIY Nativity Advent Countdown Calendar

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The excitement of advent and counting down to Christmas is one of the best parts of the Christmas season! Making nativity crafts is a great way to help kids remember the reason for the season.

From Thanksgiving on, my young kids are always asking how much longer until Christmas, and I love using a countdown advent calendar to help them understand how many days remain.

This DIY Nativity Advent Countdown Calendar with its yarn wrapped baby Jesus, moving slowly down, day by day, from the star to the manger is such a cute way to let young children count down to Christmas.

Grab some yarn, popsicle sticks and a paint stirrer and make a DIY Nativity Advent Count Down Calendar for your family today!


  • printed template
  • paint stirrer
  • fine point marker
  • scissors
  • yarn: white, yellow, light blue, royal blue, brown and tan.
  • 3 jumbo craft sticks
  • 5 yellow regular sized craft sticks
  • clothes pin
  • hot glue gun


Hot glue two jumbo craft sticks together in an ‘X’ shape, forming the manger.

Next, wrap the manger in two different brown toned yarns. To create a weaving pattern on the top, starting on the left hand side, go across and under the left stick then back up. Again, go across and under the right stick then back up. Repeat until majority of the sticks are covered. Hot glue the end to secure.To create the Baby Jesus, cut a jumbo craft stick in two even parts. Use one part and wrap it with two blue toned yarns. Use a sharpie to draw a face on baby Jesus.Hot glue the Baby Jesus to a clothes pin. Be very generous with the hot glue & hold in place until it is completely cool.

Take 5 yellow craft sticks and hot glue them together to make a star shape.

Next wrap the star with white and yellow yarns.

Cut the template on the dotted lines. Wrap the paper around the paint stirrer, glue or taping it secure on the back.

Be very generous with the hot glue to attach the star to the top of the paint stirrer and the manger to the bottom. Holding in place until it is completely cooled off.

That’s it! Now your Adorable DIY Nativity Advent Calendar is complete! Have a great time counting down to Christmas with baby Jesus and his manger!

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