Another Saturday at the fields

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What could pass time better than snacking during endless sibling sports games?  Oh, that’s right…playing with your food, then eating it!

Emily probably ate more dirt than pretzels due to tipping her bowl again and again.  But, right now, if it makes her happy and it won’t kill her I’m apt to let it go.

Bek summed up the girls’ softball game pretty well in her prayer, “Thank you for being with us at our game today…even if we lost it was a good game and we still had fun.”  Rebekah played second base today and was ecstatic to get her first ever out!  The coolest thing is that it was a double play for the sisters!  Miriam, at the pitcher’s mound, caught a pop fly, then she threw it to Rebekah who tagged out another player on second base.  I wish I caught the celebration on camera-Bek was dancing on her base!

Both girls hit well today, unfortunately the other team had some great fielding and they ended up out over and over.

Usually on a long sports day we have a picnic lunch.  But, I didn’t get it prepared today, so we enjoyed Pizza Hut buffet between softball and football games instead.  Not surprisingly the kids were very happy with the backup plan.

After our pizza lunch, it was back to the fields for Michael’s football game. 


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  1. You have such a beautiful family, Amanda. I love all their smiles – you can tell they are so happy and having so much fun. And I had to laugh about Emily eating the dirty pretzels – my Luke is the same way.

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