Free Printable Autumn Photo Scavenger Hunt

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Are you looking for a fun activity for your kids this Autumn? This fun fall themed photo scavenger hunt is the perfect for keeping your kids busy this season.

Use it at home with your family, or you can even use it as an online challenge for your friends and family.

This scavenger hunt is great for small groups, where each person competes for his or herself- or use it with a larger group by creating teams to complete against each other.

To enjoy a fun Fall scavenger hunt, simply print several copies of the Autumn Photo Scavenger hunt, make sure each kid or team has a device that can take photos and grab and pass out pens or markers.

How to use a Photo Scavenger Hunt

The great thing about a photo scavenger hunt, is that you can use it in-person, or virtually!

Each person or team needs a copy of the scavenger hunt, a device that can take photos and a pen or pencil to mark off the items found.

If you are using this scavenger hunt in person, set a time limit and boundaries, then send your teams off to hunt.

If you are using this scavenger hunt virtually, set a time limit and decide how teams will share their photos. You can create a zoom meeting to share photos, or use a shared cloud album, a private social media group page, or simply email each teams finds to each other.

Get your free printable Autumn Photo Scavenger Hunt right here:

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