Fall Macramé Rainbow

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Make this fun and festive fall craft with your tweens and teens this fall season. This adorable Fall Macramé Rainbow craft is simple to make, and a great fall craft to decorate or give as a gift.

This fall Macrame Rainbow can be hung on your wall, your teen’s locker, or your even your refridgerator.

How to make a Fall Macrame Rainbow


  • Thick cotton rope
  • Yarn (4 to 6 different colors)
  • Felt fabric
  • Hot glue gun or craft glue
  • Scissors


Decide the number of layers you want for the rainbow and cut out strands from the thick cotton rope bundle.

Place the strands on a flat surface by forming a rainbow with them to check the length. 

Choose any one of the rope strands and select a colored yarn for that arc. Leave 1 inch of the rope bare, then begin wrapping after the bare rope.

To hide the yarn’s tail, lay the starting one inch of the yarn up against the rope piece. Begin wrapping the yarn around the thick rope, covering the rope, and the tail end of the yarn you are wrapping with.

Be sure to keep wrapping the yarn evenly as you go along.

Continue to wrap the rope until reaching the other end of the arc, leaving another 1 inch of bare rope at the other side as you did the beginning side. Cut the yarn at the end of your wrapping, keeping 2 extra inches of yarn.

Use a needle to insert the extra 2 inches of the yarn under the wrapped yarn. This will secure the yarn. 

Wrap the other pieces of rope using different colored yarns. 

Take a piece of felt fabric and cut out a rainbow base shape from it. 

Prepare the hot glue gun and then start attaching the yarn wrapped ropes on the felt base. We started from the bottom side of the felt rainbow base. 

One by one, attach all wrapped ropes onto the felt base. 

Cut out a small piece of rope and a small square piece of felt fabric. Create a loop with the rope strand and glue the open ends at the top of the rainbow, on the back. Flue the square felt piece to cover the open ends of the loop on the back. 

Open the twisted parts of the rainbow rope’s open ends. 

Your fall macrame rainbow is now finished.

You can choose to decorate the rainbow with a small felt flower, or any other fall item you’d like.

Glue your fall flower or leaf to one side of the rainbow.

So cute isn’t it?!

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