Boba Fett Paper Bag Puppet

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If your kids love Star Wars and Boba Fett yo’ve got to make this super fun Boba Fett Paper Bag Puppet with them!

We are finally sitting down to watch the first episode of the new Boba Fett series this weekend. The entire family is so excited to see where Boba Fett’s storyline goes.
So, of course we had to whip up a Boba Fett craft in while we wait.

How to make a Paper Bag Boba Fett Craft


  • Colored craft papers
  • Paper bag
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Template


Print out the Boba Fett Puppet template and cut out all of the pattern pieces.

Gather colored construction or craft papers in green, red, black, yellow, brown and 2 different shades of grey paper for your Boba Fett craft.

Trace the body on the light grey paper.

Use darker grey paper for the shoes and antenna.

Trace the largest piece of the helmet on green paper. Use red paper for the medium helmet piece and black for the smaller helmet piece.

Use a yellow paper for the knee pads.

Trace the belt on brown paper.

Cut out the traced patterns. 

Glue the antenna on the top, left of the large green helmet piece.

Glue the black inner part of the helmet in the center of the red helmet piece.

Glue the helmet pieces together as shown below. 

Next we’ll make Bob Fett’s body. Gather the rest of the puppet pieces and a paper bag. Using your paper bag as a pattern, cut a grey piece of paper the same size as your paper bag for Boba Fett’s body.

Attach the grey body piece to the paper bag as shown below.

Glue the shoe pieces at the bottom side body.

Attach the knee pads slightly above the shoes.  

Glue the belt strip along the middle of the body.

Attach the vest piece slightly above the belt.

Glue Boba Fett’s helmet to the flap of the paper bag.

That’s it! Your Boba Fett Puppet is finished!

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