Free Printable Camping Scavenger Hunt

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Looking for something fun to do while camping with your kids? This fun indoor scavenger hunt will be fun for the whole family.

Other than printing out the printable, it doesn’t require any prep OR any mess. That’s my favorite kind of camping boredom buster!

Keeping kids busy when you are camping can be a bit of work when you want to relax instead. I’m always looking for fun activities for my family, and this camping scavenger hunt is the perfect thing for a quick and easy camping activity for kids.

There are so many fun ways your kids can enjoy this camping scavenger hunt. Each child could be on a team with mom or dad. Whoever wins the scavenger hunt gets to make the first S’mores at the campfire tonight.

Or make the scavenger hunt a competition between siblings. Send each child off with his or her own printable scavenger hunt and see who can find all the things first. The winner could get to tell the first story around the campfire

Another fun way to do this scavenger hunt is by making it a photo scavenger hunt. Send each child off with a device capable of taking photos. At the end of the hunt everyone is sure to get a laugh at the funny things kids took photos.

To enjoy this hunt, simply print out the printable scavenger hunt worksheetand have each child choose a crayon or marker to keep up with his scavenger hunt progress.

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