Clay Nativity Ornament Craft

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Make this sweet Nativity ornament out of clay this Christmas! Nativity crafts are a great way to keep your focus on Christ during the holiday season!

This nativity ornament will look beautiful on your Christmas tree this year. Or, make several Nativity ornaments and use them as gift tags on your Christmas gifts this year.

How to Make an Air Dry Clay Nativity Ornament Craft for Christmas


  • Air dry clay
  • Rolling pin
  • Clay cutting knife (a butter knife will do)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Craft glue
  • Paintbrush
  • String


Cut out a slice of clay, knead and roll it into a flat piece.

Use a pencil to trace a simple house outline onto the flat piece of clay.

Trace another house shape, the same size as the first.

Use a knife to cut out one house shape from the clay. Then, on the second house shape, only cut out a border of the house, as shown below.

Carefully, place the clay house border onto the solid clay house.

Next, prepare the clay pieces for Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.

For the Mary and Joseph you’ll need a head, body and a half circle piece for the scarf.

For the baby Jesus you’ll need a head, body and circle for the swaddling clothes.

Also, make a cane for Joseph with a small amount of clay.

See below for approximate size and shape for each of the clay pieces.

Take a half-circle clay piece and place a head in the middle of the half circle.

Place the body right below the head, as shown below.

Wrap the half circle clay scarf around the head and shoulders of clay figure as shown below.

Follow the same steps to make the other clay figure.

Attach the clay cane on top of Joseph.

For the baby Jesus, place his head and body in the middle of the flat circle piece of clay. 

Wrap the baby with the circle to create the look of swaddling clothes. Be sure to leave the baby’s head showing (see below).

Use a thick needle to make a hole on the of the clay house.

Trace and cut out a star shape from rolled clay as well.

Allow the clay pieces to dry overnight.

Paint the clay pieces with acrylic paint.

Allow the paint to dry.

Insert a string through the hole of the house and tie a knot with the open ends of the string to create loop. 

Use craft glue attach the clay figures onto the house ornament as shown below.

Attach the star on the top of the stable.

Now your Clay Nativity Ornament is ready to gift or hang on the tree!

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