DIY Nativity Puppets

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When it comes to Christmas crafting Nativity themed crafts are my favorite. After creating these adorable Nativity puppets, your children will love acting out the story of Christmas with Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus.

Gather your kids, print out the template, and start creating this fun Nativity craft today!

How to Make Nativity Puppets


  • Colored paper – construction paper or cardstock
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Scissors
  • Template


Choose the colors of craft paper your’d like to use. You can follow the same colors shown in the photos, or choose your own combination of colors for the craft.

Cut out and trace the template patterns onto the colored papers, then cut them out. 

Make baby Jesus by gluing the small circle near the side of the small oval paper.

Now, create Mary and Joseph.

Glue the hair piece onto Mary’s head and glue the beard onto Joseph.

Glue the band onto Joseph’s head scarf and cut a small slit under the band.

Next, cut a slit along the line on Mary’s head scarf.

Glue Mary and Joseph’s heads to their bodies.

Slide the top each head through the slits of the scarves. Use a little glue to keep the scarves on the heads. 

Glue Joseph’s staff onto his body.

Use a black marker or pen to draw the eyes, nose and mouth of the Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus puppets. Glue the puppets on to popsicle sticks. Also, glue the star onto another popsicle stick.

Now, your Nativity puppets are complete! Use them to tell the Christmas story.

Looking for even more Nativity crafts to make with your children this year?

This yarn wrapped Christmas ornament is a favorite!

Or make this no-sew felt manger scene ornament with younger children.

This shape nativity craft is another great choice for preschoolers.

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