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Adorable DIY Bunny Bookmark

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Get ready for spring with this adorable DIY bunny bookmark.

This bookmark is perfect for your spring or Easter crafting. Who wouldn’t want to read with this adorable little bunny bookmark peering at you from over the top of your book? Simply print out the free template and get crafting!

How to make Bunny Hug Bookmarks


  • Colored paper
  • Craft glue
  • Black and red markers
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Template


Choose a colored paper for the bunny. Feel free to get creative with your color choice! Then choose a pink shade of paper for the bunny’s belly and ears.

Print and cut out the template pieces, then trace the pieces onto the colored papers you chose. Cut the bunny pieces out.

The the pink inner ears to the middle of the bunny’s ear. Also glue the pink belly onto the bunny’s body as shown below.

Next, glue the arm’s on the bunny’s body as shown below. Be sure to only apply glue right at the tops of the arms, leaving the bottom of the bunny’s arm free to “hug” the page of your book.

Glue your bunny’s head onto his body. 

Use a black marker to add the facial details of the bunny, including the eyes, nose and mouth. Sure a red marker to add dots for your bunny’s cheeks.

Slide a page under the arms of your bunny to use it as a bookmark. 

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