DIY Farm Animal Corner Bookmarks

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These are the cutest DIY Farm Animal Corner Bookmarks for your kids to make this summer. Make a pig bookmark, a cow bookmark, a chicken bookmark, a cat bookmark or a dog bookmark with this template and easy instructions.

farm origami bookmarks

Corner bookmarks are my kids very favorite bookmarks to make! They are so easy and super cute too.

farm animal corner bookmarks

Learn how to make adorable Farm Animal Bookmarks



Choose the animal corner bookmark that you’d like to create. Print out the animal corner bookmark template(s) and cut out all of the pattern pieces that correspond to the corner bookmark(s) you’ve chosen to create.

All of these corner bookmarks are made with the same origami corner bookmark. So, begin each bookmark by following the origami tutorial below.

Cut out a 6 inch by 6 inch square piece of paper to make the origami bookmark.

Place the square paper on a flat surface. 

Fold the paper into half diagonally.

Next, bring the bottom corner of the top triangle up toward the top straight edge. Align the corner with the top edge and crease the paper to hold in place.

Now, take the top right corner, and fold it down to the bottom point. Crease the folded line.

Take the same corner and fold it up under the the open edge you just created. (as below)

Next, take the same steps with the top left corner.
First folding the top point down to the bottom point. Then, folding that same corner up under the flat edge.

Your corner bookmark should look like the one below. The corner origami bookmark is now complete. All you have left to do is decorate it to look like the animal of your choice.

For this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make the pig bookmark.

Flip the origami bookmark to the other side, leaving the single layer point towards the bottom.

Cut a curved border on the open end of the origami bookmark.

Trace the pig patterns from the provided template and cut the pieces out, if you haven’t already. 

Attach the oval shape (nose) on the middle of the origami bookmark and attach the inner ear parts on the middle of the larger ear cutouts. 

Attach the ears on the top side of the origami bookmark. 

Use a black marker or gel pen to draw the eyes, nose and mouth of the pig onto the bookmark.

origami pig bookmark


Similarly, trace and cut out the other farm animal patterns and make the rest of the bookmarks. 

how to make corner bookmars

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