DIY Felt Sunflower Bookmark

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Add some beauty to your reading time with these gorgeous DIY felt sunflower bookmarks.

Older kids, tweens, and teens can make these easy sunflower bookmarks thanks to the free printable template and simple instructions.

Make these adorable Felt Sunflower Bookmarks for yourself or a friend!

How to make a DIY Sunflower Bookmark


  1. Felt fabric
  2. Paper clip
  3. Needle and thread
  4. Hot glue or craft glue (optional
  5. Pencil
  6. Scissors
  7. Template


Print out the sunflower bookmark template. Cut out all of the template pieces.

Select yellow, dark brown and green colored felt fabric.

Trace the 2 circles on the dark brown felt fabric, trace the leaf on the green felt fabric and trace the petal patterns on the yellow felt fabric. Cut out the traced pieces.  

Take one of the brown circles and place two petal pieces on opposite sides.

Overlap a small piece of each petal over the brown circle.

Place four more petals around the edge of the circle, placing two petals between each of the petals you’ve already placed.

All the petals should be evenly spaced around the brown circle as shown below.

Now make a second layer of petals by placing six more petals on the top of the previous petals. Place the second layer of petals so they overlap the first layer as shown below.

Now, place the other brown circle on the center of the petal layers.

Prepare a needle with brown thread. 

Start to stitch around the side of the brown circle, making sure to stitch all the way through the brown circle on the other side while securing the petals in between

Continue to sew around the brown circle all the way back to your starting point.

Pull the needle to the wrong side of the sunflower, then tie a knot or two and cut off any extra thread.

Place two leaf pieces on the back of the sunflower.

Overlap the leaf pieces slightly and then stitch them to the flower (or you can glue them). 

Take a paper clip and place the closed end of the paper clip on the back of the sunflower.

Use a needle and thread to stitch the closed end of the paper clip onto the back of the sunflower pattern (or you can use glue to attach it). 

Cut out a small piece of brown felt and cover the stitched (or glued) part of the paper clip. Stitch or glue the piece in place.

Now your felt sunflower is ready to use in your favorite book, or to give to a friend.

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