DIY Unicorn Bookmark Craft for Kids

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If your girls are anything like mine, they probably love everything unicorn right now. Every time my tween asks me to search Pinterest for a fun craft, she wants me to find something unicorn related.

These DIY Unicorn Bookmark Crafts are perfect for crafty girls from elementary all the way up to teen!

One of my favorite things about this craft, is that it is perfect for using up scrap pieces of cardstock and craft papers. No shopping for special supplies for this adorable craft!


  • Colored craft papers
  • Cardstock paper
  • Pencil
  • Black marker pen or sharpie
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue


Select several different colored craft papers. Also, choose a cardstock paper for the base of the bookmark- you can use any color.

Print and cut out the template.  Trace the base pattern onto the cardstock paper. Then trace the rest of the patterns onto colored crafts papers. Cut out all the traced patterns. 

Take the head cut out, and attach the 2 paw cut outs on the bottom side of the head by overlapping about a 1/4 an inch along the straight ends of all 3 patterns. The curved ends of the paw cut outs should be pointing downward from the head piece.

Next gather the ear and horn pieces. Attach those pieces along the top end of the bookmark base. The ear has 2 parts, inner and outer. Be sure to stick the inner parts inside the outer ear piece. 

Now attach the head and paw piece onto the bookmark base by matching the top curved ends of both pieces (head and bookmark base).

Gather the rest of the pieces and prepare the flowers by joining the round circles. Simply glue the small round cut outs on the large ones to make the flowers.

Glue the flowers and the leaves on the top of the bookmark. Arrange and glue the flowers across the top of the unicorn’s head.

Also attach the oval shaped cut out on the bottom side of the head, this will be part of the unicorn’s face.

Use a black permanent marker to draw the eyes, nose and mouth of the unicorn.

Wasn’t that fun?!

P.S. You can use scrap cardstock and craft papers to make these unicorn bookmarks.

My girls are loving making and using these adorable and easy Unicorn Hug Bookmarks. I know yours will too!

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