Felt Mushroom Ornament Craft

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This super cute Mushroom Felt Ornament Craft is a fun and easy DIY decoration!

Preteens, teens, and even adults will enjoy making these mushroom ornaments thanks to the free pattern and easy instructions below.

If Cottagecore is your style, you’ve got to make this adorable felt mushroom for an adorable DIY Cottagecore decor craft!

You can decorate a Christmas tree with Cottagecore mushrooms, or add them to a garland to enjoy these mushrooms year around!

How to make a Felt Mushroom Ornament

List of Supplies:

  • Felt fabric
  • Pencil
  • A pair of scissors
  • Needle
  • Matching thread
  • Cotton batting or scrap thread
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Template


Download and print out the mushroom ornament template. Cut out the pattern pieces.

Select colored felt fabric for the mushroom craft.

Trace the patterns on the selected felt fabrics and cut them out using scissors. 

Take the cap and stem cutout and place the cap cutout on the top edge of the stalk cutout, slightly overlapping the stem. 

Stitch the cap cutout to the stem cutout along the overlapped edge.

Place dot cutouts on the cap and prepare a needle with white thread. 

Stitch the dot cutouts on the cap with running stitches. 

Take the base cutout and place the mushroom you’ve been stitching on the base. 

Prepare a needle with thread that matches the cap and begin stitching the cap to the base.  

After stitching around the cap, tie two knots and cut off extra thread.

Prepare needle with thread that matches the stem. 

Stuff the cap with cotton batting (or scrap felt) through the opening.

Begin stitching around the stem, leaving a small opening to finish the stuffing.

Stuff the stem and close the opening neatly.

Secure the stitching and cut off extra thread.

Attach a ribbon or twine loop on the backside of the felt mushroom to complete the felt mushroom ornament.

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