DIY Patriotic Garland Craft

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This fun DIY Patriotic Paper Garland is a great summer craft for kids of all ages.

This Red, White, & Blue Garland is perfect to patriotic decor to celebrate Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Patriot Day.

Simply print out the free template below, and follow the simple step by step instructions to make this fun paper craft for summer.

After crafting, use the Patriotic Garland to decorate your home for the whole season! 

This 4th of July garland is a wonderful way to decorate your home or classroom for patriotic holidays. You could even use the paper garland to decorate a float for the 4th of July parade!

How to Make a DIY Patriotic Garland


  • Colored craft papers (red, blue and white)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Markers
  • String
  • Template


Download and print out the patriotic garland template. You’ll find templates for two different sized bunting banners and details. You can choose one size, or create a banner with mixed sizes. Cut out the pattern pieces you’d like to use.

Select different shades of red and blue colored craft papers along with white paper. Use medium thick or thick craft papers for a more durable garland.

*You can also mount the bunting pieces on scrap cardboard to make them extra sturdy!

Trace the bunting bases, stripes and the star shapes on the selected colored craft papers and cut them out using scissors.

Step 2:

Take any one of the bunting bases and some stripes. Apply glue on the base and make parallel lines with the glue. 

Place the prepared stripes on the glued lines and press them against the glue to make sure that they are attached neatly.

Use scissors to trim the extra parts of the stripes to get them even with the bunting base.

Glue the star cutouts on the bunting bases as you like.

You can mix and match different colored and sized star cutouts to make each bunting paper look different.

Done preparing all the bunting papers? Prepare some strings, twine or ribbon to make the garland.

You can use glue or clear tape to attach the bunting papers to the string. Both techniques work well. Attach the backside of the bunting papers to the strings.

Once you’re done attaching all the papers to the string, carefully turn them to the right side.

Keep extra length on both sides of the garland string, so that they can be attached to something easily.

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