Adorable DIY Unicorn Bookmark

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My little girls are unicorn obsessed these days- and I’m always looking for a fun craft to keep them busy and happy, so these adorable DIY Unicorn Bookmarks are the perfect thing!

unicorn bookmark

Give them a printed template and a stack of colored papers and see what they can do. I love that they can use their own imagination to create all different colors of unicorn bookmarks.

I’m hoping my girls stay busy crafting unicorn bookmarks all afternoon. I’m suggesting that they mail a bookmark to all of their friends!

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Adorable DIY Unicorn Bookmark


  • Colored craft papers (construction paper, scrapbook paper, or even cardstock will work well)
  • Cardstock paper
  • Gold craft paper
  • Black sharpie or gel pen
  • Template
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue


Gather a stack of several colors of craft paper. You can use construction paper or scrapbook paper for the unicorn, but use cardstock for the bookmark stick. Trace the template patterns on the chosen papers and cut them out. Used the golden craft paper for the horn, or use a gold pen, or paint to make a gold horn. 

Glue the gold horn to the top of the unicorn head.

Glue the small circles onto the center of the flowers.

Create the unicorn ears by glueing the small triangles onto the unicorn head. Glue the semi circle to the bottom of the unicorn head to create her muzzle.

Add the flowers to the top of the unicorn head. 

Use the pencil to trace the face details of the unicorn on the base pattern. I drew the eyes, nose and a smiley face. 

Use a black sharpie or a black gel pen to trace the face details. 

That’s all! Now you have an adorable unicorn bookmark. Now, create another with different colors!

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