Felt Bunny and Carrot Craft

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This felt bunny in a carrot craft is a great spring craft for older kids, teens, and adults.

felt bunny carrot

Create this felt bunny sleeping in a carrot and call him the Easter Bunny for a fun Easter craft!

You’ll love creating this adorable belt bunny and carrot this Spring!

easter felt craft

All you need is the free printable template, felt, stuffing, thread, and a needle to make this super cute felt Spring craft.

felt easter craft

How to make a felt bunny in a carrot

List of Supplies:

  • Felt fabrics
  • Pencil or fabric marker – to trace the template
  • Matching threads
  • Needle
  • Cotton batting or scrap felts
  • A pair of scissors
  • Template


Download and print the Easter Bunny and Carrot template.

Select felt fabrics for the carrot and bunny crafts.

We’re using white felt for the rabbit, pink for inner ears of the rabbit, orange for the carrot bases and green for the leaves.

Trace the template patterns on the selected felt fabrics and cut out the traced pattern.

Take a bunny cutout and draw the eyes, nose and mouth on the head part of the base with a fabric marker or a pen.

Prepare a needle with black thread and stitch along the traced eyes, nose and mouth on the bunny’s face.

Stitch the inner ear cutouts on the ear parts of the bunny’s body.

Place the stitched bunny on top of the the plain bunny cutout.

Prepare needle with matching thread to stitch the bases around the side.

Work flat blanket stitches around the sides of the bunny, leaving an opening for stuffing.

Keep a small opening to stuff the felt rabbit. Use cotton batting or scrap felt to stuff the felt bunny through the small opening.

Once you’re done stuffing, stitch the opening to secure the stuffing.

Take the two leaf cutoust and place the small one on top of the big one, matching the bottom edges.

Place the carrot cutout on top of the overlapped leaves.

Stitch the overlapped parts of the leaves and the carrot using orange thread.

This is what the base would look like on the backside.

Take the other full carrot base.

Place the full carrot base on top of the backside of the stitched one.

Stitch around the sides to join both carrots together.

Place the half carrot on the bottom side of the front of the stitched felt carrot.

Stitch the half carrot base to the full carrot base along the outer sides only; keep the top edge of the half carrot open so that it can be used as a pocket.

The felt carrot and the felt rabbit are finished!

Place the sleeping bunny into his carrot bed.

bunny in carrot

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