Easter Craft for Kids: Easter Puppets

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Looking for an adorable Easter craft for kids? These Easter puppets are a great choice. You’ll find a free printable template for the puppets below.

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These adorable Easter Puppets are such a great craft for this season. You all know how much a love a craft that can also encourage imaginative play! These puppets will allow your kids to creatively tell all kinds of fun Easter bunny tales!

Easter Puppet Craft



Print and cut out the template patterns. Select colored papers for the Easter characters and items.

Let’s start with the Easter chick.. Trace the chick on a yellow colored craft paper, the triangle (beak) on orange, blush (circles) on pink and the hatched egg on cream or white paper. Now cut the shapes out.

Attach the beak and cheek pieces onto the chick body. Use a black marker to draw the eyes. 

Attach the egg shell onto the chick’s body.

Next, prepare the patterns for the basket craft by tracing the patterns and cutting out the colored paper pieces. The basket template includes basket, handle, candies and small strips. 

Attach the handle on the top of the basket. 

Add the tiny egg cutouts to the top of the basket.

Cut out some really thin strips from a dark brown paper and glue them on the paper basket horizontally. 

Now glue more dark brown strips vertically, over the previous strips. 

Attach the paper chick and basket on popsicle sticks to complete the Easter puppets. 

Finally, craft the rest of the items to complete the Easter puppet characters.

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