Easy and Fun Party Craft- Personalized Sketchbook Journals

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Personalized Journal CraftMy kids love decorating and personalizing sketchbook journals.  The big girls seem to get their researching gene from me, and love nothing more than a sketchbook for each of their favorite subjects to draw and keep notes in.   While my kids use these books for research and theme writing, I think these notebooks would be a wonderful craft for a child’s birthday party.  With frequent craft stores sales, I was able to get my supplies at 40 and 50% off!  The foam pieces are most cost-effective in large buckets, and the sticky foam sheets come in a 20 pack.  Perfect for a birthday party or classroom craft.


Personalized Journal Supplies

  • spiral sketch journal
  • permanent marker
  • 8.5 x 5.5 inch sticky back foam sheets
  • foam stickers for decoration – choose stickers based on your child’s party theme for a great party craft/favor



Peel off the backing from the foam sheet and place it on the cover of the sketch notebook.Journal Step 1

Trim off any excess foam.Journal Step 2

Using the permanent marker, personalize the foam cover with the child’s name, or wording they choose.  Make sure to allow the marker to dry for a few minutes so that it doesn’t smear.Journal Step 3

Decorate the cover with foam stickers.Journal Step 4

Easy Peasy!Finished Journals


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