Fall Festival

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This is a whirlwind weekend for us.  Just today’s activities need more than one post!  And we aren’t done yet– tomorrow we will spend the day at the Renaissance Festival– just me and the kids.

After a full morning of sports the kids and I rested for an hour before running out the door again to our church’s Fall Festival.  Miriam and Michael decided to go as Softball and Football players rather than changing into another costume.

Rebekah’s favorite festival activity is always the food- she didn’t want to ride the ponies, get face paint or go down the tall slides.  But, she was happy as can be with her cotton candy and winning prizes at the many games available.

Emily had a rough evening.  She wanted to go in the big bounce houses with the big kids, but it was too dangerous.  She flung herself face down into the pavement more than once to display her displeasure at her lack of freedom.  She was only truly happy 3 times– eating hotdogs, riding the train and bouncing in the small bounce house.  When her turns were over she rewarded me with more fits.

As we left the parking lot, I congratulated myself on making it through the festival without any mishaps–except of course for the toddler meltdowns, but that’s Emily no matter where we are.  Hearing the chorus of “That was so much fun!” from the backseat, I felt like SuperMom for a moment- I can do this, I can do anything with 5 kids in tow…

I should well know by now that what goes up, must come down.  Since we’d had such a spectacular day I thought I might push my luck for a quick stop at Trader Joes.  Walking towards the checkout line after filling our cart, I veered too close to a huge display.  I’m not sure if I turned too short, forgetting the toddler strapped to my back, or if she reached out to the stack.  Either way, part of that display went crashing to the floor.  The store was packed, all eyes were suddenly staring in my direction–where I was standing in the middle of a puddle of bubbly liquid and shards of green glass, with a toddler strapped to my back, plus 4 other kids in or hanging onto the shopping cart.  According to the way my tennis shoes now smell, I think we took out the sparkling apple cider display.   If I hadn’t been in dire need of fruit and milk I may have run from the store in embarrassment.  Instead I stood at the checkout line, cheeks flaming and all eyes in my direction until we could finally retreat to the van.  At least everyone was too stunned to say “Wow, your hands are full!”  Fun times…

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