Entering Tween Territory

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Happy Birthday MiriamSomehow I became the mother of a ‘tween’ today.  How did that happen? Eleven years- really???  Just last week I cuddled her in bed listening to her quavery two-year old voice as she ‘read’ me her favorite bedtime story. And a few days before that I’d ask her, “What does the chicken say?” a million times a day just to hear her adorable”Buck-Buck-Buh-Guck” answer. And yesterday, I know, was the first night she slept in a ‘big girl’ bed with her little sister tucked in beside her.Sisters and piglet

This growing up thing- I’m not sure what I think about it. I’d like some more time to figure it out.  So, lets slow this train down! Okay?

Tiny two-year old Miriam is gone, but looking at her face I often still see her chubby toddler cheeks and tiny ponytail.  I can still hear her two-year old voice every time I read that favorite bedtime story to the current toddler in the house.

This birthday- ELEVEN- I am freezing for a minute.  She’s changing so fast; next year the doll clothes might be gathering dust on the shelf. I’m going to hold tight to this amazing in between time when a hint of little girl remains in my young lady.Bee halloween costume with matching doll costume

I look at this child of mine, who now is much less child and mostly a young woman, and my heart soars.  She was amazing when she was tiny {and boy, do I miss that tiny hand in mine}… but the young woman she has become, I never dreamed of.  Walking alongside her through this next part of her life, as she sorts out her worldview, her beliefs, her hopes, her dreams, is such a privilege. Farm Life

Welcome to 11 Miriam- I think this year may be the best yet!



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