Farm Cat Adventure

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Living on a farm, our cats are never short of adventure and fun. From chasing mice in the barns, climbing trees, or wrapping around our legs as we complete chores, they are always up to something. 

Cat Adventure

Michael is usually the cat care overseer in our house, so he is especially loved by our cats. Wherever he is in the yard the cats are there- often right on top of him. Cat Adventure

The younger children love to help Michael with the cat chores. Jonathan was in such a hurry to get outside to help feed the cats this morning, that I didn’t manage to get shorts on him before he had his boots on, ready to join Michael on the walk to the barn.Cat Adventure

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With 6 cat-loving children on the farm Smokey and Jenny have no shortage of love and attention. I think all that (often forced) love has turned our cats into the sweetest, most tolerant cats around. Whether its 7-year-old Peyton climbing a tree to perch in its branches with a cat in her arms, or 5-year-old Emily pretending a cat is her baby, those cats are loved on and handled all day long.

I’m not sure which part of our cats life brings the most adventure– being farm cats, or being cast in the imaginary play of 6 children!Cat Adventure

Did you know that June 15th is National “Take Your Cat on an Adventure” Day? Get inspired to have a wonderful adventure with your cat right here.

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  1. I’m for sure a cat person! I’d have a house full if my husband would let me (insert crazy cat lady thoughts!)
    Thanks for letting me know that June 15th is National “Take Your Cat on an Adventure” Day! My cat and I will be taking part in that!

  2. One of my fave things about visiting my grandparents farm as a kid was playing with all the farm cats..or trying to play with them anyway. Some were feral. The best was when they had kittens. 🙂

  3. I honestly think all of our cats were farm cats..they brought home critters all the time.
    Most of the time they were barely alive too…ugh!
    Your gray cat reminds me of our rogue. She was an interesting cat that’s for sure.

  4. Growing up, I had a cat who was incredibly talented. I got to take him to school for a hobby day. He was a big hit — and that is my biggest cat adventure of all time. 🙂

  5. I love the idea of going on an adventure with your cat. Where we live, they have to stay inside because we have fisher cats, coyotes and bears right in our yard. Very uncool. My mom has had her barn cat for 15 years. They are good friends!

  6. What adorable kitties and children! The cats sure do get extra heapings of love! They all look amazingly healthy and happy. They really love their adventurous farm life!

  7. That cat looks just like one of my daughter’s cats! We have a farm and a barn cat has showed up there. I have no idea how it got there, but we love having him around.

  8. I just got my sweet baby spayed yesterday, so I think her adventures will have to be delayed until July. Aren’t cats the absolute best? Yours is beautiful, and I’m glad you have a wonderful food for her.

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