Felt Fox Christmas Ornament Craft

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This cute little felt fox ornament is a fun Christmas craft to create this holiday season.

This felt fox Christmas ornament craft will add some cuteness to your Christmas tree this season. Or, tie the felt fox to the top of your Christmas presents for a super cute gift wrap embleishment.

If you enjoy sewing with felt, you’ll also want to make several of these festive felt Christmas ornaments with free patterns too!

How to make a Felt Fox Christmas Ornament

List of Supplies:

  1. Felt fabrics
  2. Needle
  3. Thread
  4. Cotton batting or scrap felt
  5. Pencil
  6. Scissors
  7. Template


Print out the fox ornament pattern and cut out all the template pieces.

Trace the base, head, lower body and 2 tail patterns on orange or brown felt; trace the belly, tail tip, inner ear patterns and the face on white or cream felt, the nose on black felt, and the blush patterns on pink felt. 

Cut out the traced patterns from the felt fabrics.

Stitch the inner ear cutouts onto the head cutout. 

Stitch the belly cutout on the bottom edge of the lower body cutout. 

Stitch the face cutout on the bottom side of the head piece.

Stitch the nose cutout onto the fox’s face. Then use black thread to stitch the eyes and a mouth onto the face.

Stitch the blush cutouts on both sides of the face piece.

Stitch the tail tip on one of the tail cutouts and then sew both tail patterns together around the sides.

Place the lower body piece on the base cutout and stitch the bottom edge of both pieces together.

Insert a little of the tail in between the back and the front of the fox.

Stitch that side of the fox to secure the base, body, and tail together

Place the head piece on the base.

Stitch around the sides and top of the head to attach it to the base.

As you stitch around the sides of the fox, keep a small opening.

Stuff the felt fox pattern with scrap felt or cotton batting through that small opening.

Close the opening to secure the stuffing inside the box.

Cut out a small strip of felt and tie it around the neck of the felt fox plushie. Sew it in place to finish closing the fox.

Attach a small ribbon loop on the backside of the felt fox to use it as an ornament.

Now that you’ve created this adorable fox ornament, be sure to make more of these festive Christmas felt ornaments too!

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