First Week of School Phone Dump

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It was the kind of week that just begs for a phone dump. My phone is packed with snaps from the week!

We started the week with one last afternoon of swimming at the lake.Back to School 2015 phone dump

Then began our 2015/2016 school year. I have to admit I didn’t even grab my ‘big camera’ for a traditional back to school photo! I was nervous to start this year. My several weeks  of looking over curriculum, setting up notebooks, and beginning lesson plans were condensed into about 4 hours! But, it all came together AND we had our best back to school week ever. Everything went so smoothly! I’m shocked since I’m teaching 5 children this year with a toddler in the house! Back to School 2015 phone dump

This is what happens when Momma is busy teaching and the toddler wanders off for 4 minutes. I think I have at least one shot of each toddler during a homeschool day like this! I know Peyton and Emily have similar photos, and I’m guessing Michael and Rebekah do too.Back to School 2015 phone dump

On top of school this week, we began Clover’s fence so she can join us here soon. Plus we spent an afternoon meeting another local homeschooling family(YAY!), took our kittens to the vet for spaying/neutering, and got library cards at the local library!2015-09-05_0003Back to School 2015 phone dump

It was a wonderful, but packed week!Back to School 2015 phone dumpDid your children go back to school this week?

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