Frankenstein Craft for Halloween

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You kids will love this adorable, moveable Frankenstein Craft this Halloween! Simply print out the instant download template and follow the directions below to create this fun, interactive Halloween craft.

This Halloween have some fun with this paper plate Frankenstein Craft.

How to make a Frankenstein Craft


  • Colored craft papers
  • Paper plate
  • Cardstock paper
  • Brad pins
  • Markers or gel pens in black and purple
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Template


Print and cut all all the template pattern pieces.

Gather the craft papers for the Frankenstein craft. You’ll need green craft paper for the head and the hand pieces; gray paper for the bolt pieces. For the rest of the patterns you can choose any color of craft paper that you prefer.

Glue the hair piece on the top of the head.

Glue the hands on the ends of the sleeve pieces.

Glue the shoes to the bottom of the pants.

Glue the bolt pieces on each side of the head, just below the ears.

Attach the eyes and use a marker to draw the nose and mouth. 

Next you’ll attach the arms using brad pins. Use a pin to make a hole at the top of the arm pieces as shown below.

Line the arm up with the shoulder and make another hole through the shoulder.

Use the brad pins to attach the arms to the shoulders through the holes you’ve already punched.

Repeat the process with the other arm.

Glue the pants onto the bottom of the shirt. 

Cut out 2 thin strips from cardstock paper, about 1 x 8 inches or so. 

Glue the 2 cardstock strips onto the elbows of Frankenstein as shown below.


Now, prepare your paper plate.

Cut out a circle the same size as the inside of your paper plate. Glue that circle inside the paper plate.

Next, cut another circle. Cut the circle across so that it covers about 1/3 of the paper plate, discard the larger piece.

Glue the small semi circle onto the bottom of the paper plate, only putting glue on the outer triangle edges and a small dot of glue in the very bottom center.

Turn the paper plate over and cut slits on the bottom edge to slide the cardstock strips through.

Place the Frankenstein figure on the center of the paper plate. Gluing down his head and body.

Pull the cardboard strips though the opening in the craft paper, between the two pieces craft paper and also through the slits in the paper plate.

Use your hands to make Frankensteins arms move.

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