Hocus Pocus Printable Puppets

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Looking for a fun Hocus Pocus activity to enjoy this Halloween season? These cute Hocus Pocus Printable Puppets are so much fun!

Hocus Pocus Finger Puppets

Whether you are enjoying the original Hocus Pocus movie or getting ready to watch the new Hocus Pocus sequel, this printable Hocus Pocus puppets are sure to make your day!

The printable puppets are a great activity idea for a Hocus Pocus Themed party.

puppets hocus pocus printable

How to make Hocus Pocus Puppets

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Download the free pdf file and print the puppets out. I recommend using a cardstock or heavy weight printer paper for the sturdiest puppets.

Cut out the puppets on the dotted line.

For even more durability you can laminate your figures after cutting, though this step is not necessary if you’ve printed on heavy weight paper.

If you must print on regular printer paper, laminating the puppets will make them better. If you don’t have access to a laminator, simply place the figures between two layers of contact paper, then cut around the figures, leaving a small border of clear contact paper.

Attach the Hocus Pocus figures to popsicle sticks with a strong craft glue or clear tape.

Hocus Pocus Printable

Now you are ready to play with the Hocus Pocus puppets!

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