Spider Halloween Bookmark

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Hello Halloween craft fun! These spooktacular Halloween Spider bookmarks are so much fun to make.

Plus they might even encourage your child to get excited about reading during this time of year.

Origami Spider Halloween Bookmark 


  • Origami paper or any craft paper you have on hand
  • Template
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Ruler


If you aren’t using origami paper for your spider bookmark, cut a piece of craft paper into a square. You can make anything between 5 and 8 inches square for this craft.

Diagonally fold the square in half to create a triangle.

Then fold the triangle in half, and open up the food back up to create a crease in the middle of the triangle. This will crease will be the guideline for the rest of the folds. 

Now take the bottom point of only the top layer’s triangle and fold it up to the top edge of the triangle as shown below.

Next, take the left corner of the triangle and fold it down to the bottom of the triangle, placing it right at the middle crease we created earlier.

Then, tuck the bottom corner of the fold you just created into the corner in the corner to begin creating a pocket for your book’s pages.

Fold the right corner of the triangle the same way.

Now, print out the PDF template, use the template to trace and cut out the pieces of the spider.

Glue the large circles onto the spider’s body to create his eyes.

Use a black marker or pen to draw the eye details on the spider.

Then glue the smaller circular pieces onto the spider’s cheek.

Step 11:

Use a white gel pen to draw a smile on the spider’s face and to add dots in the center of the spider’s eyes.

Now begin gluing the spider’s legs onto his body. 

You’ll glue three legs on each side of the body.

Next, draw a spider web using a black pen or marker on the corner bookmark you already folded.

Finish your spider bookmark by glueing the spider to the web.

Now, enjoy a spooky Halloween themed book with your new spider bookmark!

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