Fun and Easy Way to Bring STEAM into Your Homeschool

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How do you add STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) to your homeschool?

Even after more than a decade of homeschool, I often neglect to schedule STEAM activities to days. 

I’m a college-trained teacher. I know how important STEAM, hands-on learning, and creativity are to children’s development and learning. I also know that making learning fun helps kids develop a life-long love of learning. Yet, I can still easily fall into the trap of homeschooling with textbooks and workbooks only.

That’s why I love KiwiCo.

KiwiCo plans, creates, and delivers to my mailbox hands-on projects for kids that make STEAM learning fun- and requires no planning or supply gathering from me!

No more trying to figure out a project. No more gathering and shopping for supplies. No more putting a project off indefinitely because I forgot to buy the supplies or make the plans. KiwiCo sends a box directly to my house with absolutely everything my children will need for a STEAM project, including an instruction booklet and all the supplies! (Use this link for a free trial to KiwiCo.)

KiwiCo offers many different lines of STEAM projects geared to different age groups and interests. From baby to 16-years+, they offer at least one fun, hands-on STEAM activity box you’ll adore.

I have children ages 5 to 15 in my homeschool. They recently completed 5 different KiwiCo boxes for a fun afternoon of STEAM learning. I’ve found the hardest thing about KiwiCo is often narrowing down which box to choose: they all look so amazing. Let me share the different boxes we competed this month with you to help you narrow down the choices for your own children.


This box is created for kids ages 5 to 8 and incorporates creative learning into a maker-project that explores art, science, and engineering. You’ll also find a fun Explore magazine that extends the fun with comics, games, and experiments.

This month my 8-year-old made an arcade. She had the best time making her grabber hand arcade game! The look on her face when she first pulled the string and saw the hand open and close was priceless. Then she made these adorable pom-pom creatures to catch with her grabber hand.


This box, for kids ages 6 to 11, takes children on an adventure to a new location each month with hands-on and creative learning. It also includes an Atlas Adventure book to extend the learning, which includes collectible cards and stickers for a keepsake book.

This month my 10-year-old traveled to Peru. My crafty kid had so much fun making her own llama. Then she got to build a loom and weave a blanket for her llama. She also made a fun game complete with swinging lily pads to extend her learning about Peru.


This art box is meant for children ages 9 and up. But, when my 5-year-old saw the succulent garden on the booklet he just had to make it. So, together he and his 15-year-old sister got their creativity flowing and made the most adorable garden.


This STEAM crate for kids ages 9 and up, includes a step by step blueprint to create an innovative STEAM project. The box also contains a TinkerZine with additional related science experiments and activities. This month my 14-year-old created a walking robot. The TinkerZine even taught her how to make him walk backward!


This crate is a science kit for teens. Your teen will put science to work to build an engineering project. The Makers Guide is incredible and such a wonderful addition to this box. My 12-year-old made a working soap dispenser independently by following the step-by-step instructions. He was fascinated by all of the great information in the Maker’s Guide, which included an explanation of the science behind the project, information on how and why the design works, the history of mass-market liquid hand soap, and the history of hygiene.

I’m loving KiwiCo for the ease of adding STEAM activities to our homeschool every month! No more feeling guilty about skipping science experiments and hands-on learning at our house!

KiwiCo is a fun and easy way to add hands-on STEAM learning to your homeschool. Start your child’s free KiwiCo trial today (just note, all you have to cover is the shipping)!



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