10 Fun New Year’s Resolutions For Kids

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If setting new years resolutions is an annual tradition for your family, finding goals for your kids can sometimes be difficult.

This year, instead of encouraging your kids to set boring goals for to achieve throughout the year, why not have a little fun?

Your kids will have a blast working toward these fun new year’s resolutions for kids.

Talk through these fun New Year’s Resolutions and decide which goal (or goals) your child would like to work toward this year.

10 Fun New Year’s Resolutions Your Kids Will Love

Try New Foods

While many kids are asked to eat healthier during the new year, encouraging your kids to try new foods is a great alternative. In addition to putting a new spin on eating healthy, making trying new foods more of a game could encourage them to be a little more adventurous with their meals.

Help Around the House

Chores may not seem like fun to kids, but there are a few easy ways to make helping out around the house a little more exciting. Letting your child pick the chores they do or finding things they like to do around the house can make helping out around the house more fun.

Try a New Activity

Taking a chance on a new sport or activity is a great way for your kids to expand their horizons in the new year. Ask your kids what they’re interested in trying, then sign them up!

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Although you may be tempted to ask your kids to reduce their screen time in the new year, a better approach may be to encourage them to replace their screen time with something more productive. Reading instead of watching a video or playing a game is a simple way to help them reduce their screen time and improve their reading skills this year.


Getting your kids involved in the community is a fun way to enjoy time together in the new year. Let your kids pick the organization they volunteer for to make it even more fun.

Get Active

Exercise is a great way for your kids to stay healthy. Finding fun ways to get active throughout the year will help make regular exercise more interesting for your kids.

Go Green

Taking the time to make your home greener will ensure your kids have a beautiful place to live when they’re adults. Make reusing and recycling a game throughout the year to make going green more fun for your kids.

Be More Independent

Kids love showing their independence! Help them become more independent throughout the year by encouraging to do things on their own, like pack their own lunch or get themselves dressed in the morning.

Learn Something New

Help your kids expand their knowledge or improve a skill by learning something new. They can sign up for a class or watch videos online to help hone their skills.

Make a New Friend

Meeting new people and finding new friends is a great way for your child to expand their social circle and practice socializing. And they’re sure to have fun meeting new people in the process!

Your kids are sure to have fun choosing and working on these fun New Year’s Resolutions this year!

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