Gingerbread Memories

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As I began a week of Christmas preparation fun with the kids I found myself wondering about the memories they will have.  What things will stick out as the special in their minds?Gingerbread Cookies

We began our week with gingerbread cookie making– this is something that washes me in memories of Christmas at my Grandma’s house.  The counter space in my Grandma’s kitchen was scarce– the dinner buffet filled every available surface.  My Papa even built a wooden tray that covered the sink, creating more room for food.  There were tables and chairs everywhere, extending from the kitchen into the living room- always covered in festive table clothes.

With available kitchen surfaces at max capacity the backroom became the dessert staging area.  As my aunts arrived they filled the backroom folding table and all across the washer and dryer with treats.  In that room I had eyes for only one dessert- my Aunt Janice’s gingerbread cookies.  I remember the fun of looking through the box for the special cookie with my name iced on it– what shape would it be this year? Would it be big with lots of icing?  I would eat it carefully making sure to leave the spot with most icing for the last bite.

I figured out which family members didn’t care for gingerbread cookies and ate those cookies next.  I also remember scanning the rest of decorated cookies for the ones with the most abundant icing.  I wonder how many cookies I’d eat at Christmas? I’m sure I ate my weight in gingerbread most years.

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without making Aunt Janice’s gingerbread cookies!Rebekah BakingMichael cutting cookies WaitingDecorating Icing

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