How to Choose a New Lock and Deadbolt for Your Home

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This post was sponsored by the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Since becoming a single mom, I’ve spent more time thinking about the safety and security of our home.

When we recently replaced the original front doors on our 100+ year old farmhouse, I spent a lot of time choosing doors and locks.

During my many hours researching front doors, I learned about the SecureHome™ label from the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association. This label is a huge help in choosing the right locks and deadbolts for your home. BHMA Certified® locks are rated C(good), B (better) or A (best) in the areas of security, durability and finish.

Before receiving a BHMA Certified® SecureHome™ label, each lock and deadbolt is vigorously tested in the three rated areas (security, durability and finish) so you can feel more confident in choosing the best locks for your home.

When certifying locks and deadbolts, the BHMA measures its security, how well it can withstand impact; durability, how well it functions after long-term use; and finish, how well it can survive the elements. 

I had no idea how many types of door handles, locks, and deadbolts existed when I began my search for my new front door. On top of those choices, I then needed to consider the finish of the lockset too! It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but the BHMA Certified® SecureHome™ label really helped narrow down locksets based on my top priorities.

After considering many door and lockset options, I finally settled on this combination – beautiful double doors, which my dad stained a dark brown, and a lockset with a black finish for our new front door.

Now that I have teens who stay home alone, my lock choice felt even more important. 

In choosing locks and deadbolts, I love that the BHMA Certified® SecureHome™ label can help me feel more confident when I leave them home alone to binge watch their favorite shows. 

If you are thinking about replacing your locks and deadbolts, visit your local big box or hardware store and look for the BHMA Certified® SecureHome™ label on locks and deadbolts. You can use the following chart to help decide which lock is best for your home.

My family’s safety is a top priority and I love how the BHMA Certified® SecureHome™ label makes that easier!

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