Llama Valentine Craft

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Got a llama loving kid? This adorable Llama Valentine Craft is an adorable festive Valentine’s Day craft for kids!

Llama Valentine Craft

Use this super cute craft to make a festive DIY llama Valentine card. Simply glue the llama to the front of a blank card!

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valentine llama craft

How to make a Llama Valentine Craft

List of Supplies:


Download and print out the Valentine Llama template. Cut out all of the llama Valentine pieces.

Select white or cream embossed paper for the Llama body. You can use plain white paper if you don’t have embossed paper.

Choose different colored craft papers for the other pieces of the llama craft.

Trace the template patterns on the chosen craft papers and cut out the traced pieces.

Glue the necklace cutouts together to make the llama’s necklace.

Glue the inner ear cutouts onto the outer ear cutouts. 

Glue the two small hoof cutouts on the bottom edge of the legs.

Attach the hair cutout on the top of the llama’s head.

Attach the ears on either side of the llama’s head.

Glue the mouth circle in the middle of the llama’s face.

Flue the necklace onto the llama’s neck.

Apply glue to the top edge of the llama’s arm. Be sure to only glue the edge leaving the rest of the arm free of glue.

Place the arm on the llama’s body.

Similarly, glue the other hoof on the other side of the llama’s body.

Use a marker to draw the face onto the llama.

Apply glue to the heart, then slide the heart under the llama’s arms.

love llama

Adorable isn’t it?!

llama valentine craft

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  1. I love these! I used your link and ordered the embossed paper, but it doesn’t look like what you used. I’d really like to use that.

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